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Sublimation T-Shirts

Thanks to the technology known as sublimation, getting your custom-designed T-shirt is an easy process. The printing process is quite simple, and it involves the use of special heat transfer paper. Heat is used to fuse the design to the T-shirt fabric. Heat pressers can work with either inkjet or laser ink. The print design must be printed on the back of the article, which means it should be placed face down on the T-shirt.sublimition

One of the advantages of sublimation printing is that it allows you to create very detailed images on a t-shirt, and it can be done with different colors and coatings. Sublimation t-shirt prints are very durable, and you can expect them to last a long time. It is an excellent choice for smaller quantities. You can find sublimation products online, as well as print kits. The images are taken from Flickr and used under a Creative Commons 2.0 license.

For optimal results, use a high-quality polyester T-shirt. Because polyester absorbs dye, it produces the best color. The designs are vibrant, smooth, and durable. Polyester blends are the best. However, a lower-polyester t-shirt may work, too. However, if you are concerned about the environmental impact, look for a 100% cotton t-shirt. This is the best option if you want the design to last as long as possible.

Once you’ve found the perfect T-shirt material, you need to prepare it for sublimation printing. The dyes used in sublimation printing work in a two-part process. One part is a heat-sensitive liquid ink that bonds with the polyester fabric. Another part is the heat press. You’ll need a suitable space for your sublimation printing work. You can use the garage, office, or basement for the process.

Sublimation printing uses heat to transfer dyes to different materials. You can create digital images using Photoshop and print them on sublimation paper. Then, place them on the transfer material. Then, heat and pressure will transfer the design to the material. The final result is an amazing looking T-shirt. These shirts are great gifts for anyone, and are sure to get rave reviews. It’s the perfect way to express yourself while showing your support for your favorite charity.

The advantages of sublimation printing over other methods of digital printing make it an ideal method for printed T-shirts. Sublimation shirts have a professional finish and minimal investment. To use the sublimation process, your T-shirt must be made of man-made fabric, with at least 65% polyester content. Since natural fabrics can’t be used with standard sublimation setup, you’ll need to select colours such as white and pastel shades.

The colors of your design will stay vibrant for longer than other t-shirts. Sublimation can also create bold, super-vibrant designs that are unlikely to fade. While you can achieve vintage-style effects with 65% polyester, 100% polyester won’t. This material retains maximum ink, and your designs will remain vivid for years. You can even purchase vintage-style T-shirts with the sublimation process!